Well, I’m back.

Hi y’all!  It’s Easter, so my period of giving up Tumblr for Lent is now over.  However, I’m going to make every effort to be around her a little less than I was before my hiatus, because I’ve enjoyed getting back into Livejournal (my LJ) and procrastinating at other online places for a change.

Anyway, things that have happened since I’ve last been on tumblr:

-Saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier and very much enjoyed it.

-As a result of that, decided to actually catch up on Agents of SHIELD.  Recent developments are greatly improving how engaged I am with that show.  However, I still don’t give a rat’s ass about Skye.

-Game of Thrones is back, yay!  And by “yay” I mean “oh dear, my emotions.”

-My roommate asked me if I thought her cat looked pregnant.  I had no idea the cat wasn’t spayed, and was appalled.  Getting the cat fixed is pretty much the first thing you should do after getting a cat (after acquiring food and a litter box), so II assumed it was done.  However, my roommate had never bothered taking this cat (which she had only acquired a month or two before she moved in with me in February) by the vet. What the hell, roommate.  Anyway, it turns out the cat is pregnant. We have kittens due soon.  Exact date unknown, because the cat never showed obvious signs of being in heat so we don’t know exactly how far along she is. Anyone in California (either on the central coast or willing to drive a little bit) want a kitten in the not too distant future?

-Look what I just got!

First tattoo, yay!




petition for a doctor who episode where the doctor travels back in time to meet arthur conan doyle and accidentally happens to mention how popular sherlock holmes is even 130 years later and poor acd almost breaks down crying

"Doctor before you leave…just tell me one thing."
"What’s that?"
"My books, the Sherlock Holmes books…do they die out?"
"No, Arthur. People love them. They carry on for hundreds of years."
"Damnit. God damnit. Fuck." 

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle named so many characters James.
James was his go to name like really he named Moriarty’s brother James.
Let me rephrase that, he named James Moriarty’s brother James Moriarty.

He really gave zero fucks

In The Man With The Twisted Lip, Mary called John ‘James’. 

Are you fucking kidding me

ACD gave less fucks than you do

It’s always adorable when someone else figures out how very little Doyle cared about Sherlock Holmes.

Snakes drink milk, right? Whatever. Watson got married in … 1888. Or 1889. Or maybe 1887. Who cares. Mary Morstan was an orphan who spent a lot of time visiting her mother. Does Holmes laugh a) frequently b) infrequently c) only when he’s caught a criminal d) all of the above? Who cares, we’re on deadline and I’m broke. One story takes place both in the middle of summer and in October.

Does Holmes know about anything non-essential to his work? No. Does he know the Polyphonic Motets of Lassus and spend his free time deciphering medieval palimpsests? Yes. In Study in Scarlet he doesn’t know who Thomas Carlyle is and in the Sign of Four he quotes him.

And this still led to the first modern fandom and over a century of extremely devoted readers.

Some of the devotion is because it’s confusing - people have spent way too much time trying to come up with chronologies (summarized by the amazing spacefall here). Maybe universes with more flaws naturally attract more fans, because there’s more room for interpretation and addition and filling in the gaps. It seems to work for Star Trek and the X Files and Harry Pottter. (And Greek mythology, if we want to talk about non-modern fandoms)

It should be maddening, but it really isn’t - it feels like opportunity. I really love the contradiction here, both the tiny contradictions within canon that make everything more interesting, and the larger contradiction of a character disliked by his creator but so brilliantly drawn. It makes one feel as if the reason everything works so well regardless is due to some actual animating spirit from the characters themselves. Sherlock Holmes is certainly more real to most people now than anyone who was actually alive at the time.

Or possibly I’m a little overly spiritual from lack of sleep. But I find it wonderful for some reason that 100 years after Doyle gave us that utterly indifferent permission we’re still marrying him, murdering him, and doing anything we like to him.

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Secret cosplay revealed!  Welcome to Night Vale Miss Frizzle, design by cutie-toes!




Secret cosplay revealed!
Welcome to Night Vale Miss Frizzle, design by cutie-toes!


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Wow, 3D printers have really come a long way.


Wow, 3D printers have really come a long way.

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♬ Let’s dance ♬

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Imagine a high fantasy adventure starring Quvenzhane as a simple farm girl who find a magic thing and goes on an adventure to save the world.

Laverne Cox as her magician mentor who knows more than she’s letting on

Lupita Nyong’o as the poised queen battling corruption…

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Accept the story as given: The Doctors re-write history, save the Time Lords and thus release themselves from the burden of guilt which has haunted the Doctor for hundreds of year.

And yet the story as given also maintains that in saving themselves, they exterminated the Daleks. Genocide.

It seems Moffat’s Doctor suffered not because he committed war crimes, but because he committed war crimes against the wrong people. Moffat’s Doctor is actually quite okay with genocide — not one of his incarnations gives it a second thought here! — provided the right people are slaughtered.

One could actually make a pretty good case that any war against the Daleks is a Just War and that only genocide could lead to victory in it. But Moffat doesn’t make the case; he doesn’t even acknowledge the issue.

The Time Lords are saved and that’s all that matters. Seldom — if ever — has Doctor Who offered such a chauvinistic message as a happy ending.

(Strangely, the episode’s secondary story stands in direct contrast. In it, the Doctor forces humans and Zygons to negotiate a way out of their conflict, insisting that killing innocents is never worth the cost. From that synopsis it seems Moffat must have intended the secondary story as a comment on the primary, but I saw no internal evidence to suggest the parallels were anything but incidental.)

This moral, this philosophical, blindness appears again and again in Moffat’s Doctor Who. Consider the girl (and world) in a refrigerator in the above-referenced “A Christmas Carol” or the glee with which his Doctor informed the Silence he had programmed every member of the human race to kill them “all, on sight” in “The Day of the Moon”.

It is not the fact that Moffat’s Doctor kills that is so problematic; the Doctor has a long history of using violence when nothing else will work. It is that Moffat’s Doctor kills so easily, sometimes with joy and almost always, without acknowledging that there even are moral issues involved.

This is especially ironic given Moffat’s obvious love for the program’s past. Think of “Genesis of the Daleks”, when the 4th Doctor could not bring himself to destroy the Daleks more or less in the cradle, or “The Runaway Bride”, in which the 10th Doctor nearly allowed himself to die after destroying the Racnoss. Ten’s face, as he came to recognize the horror of what he had done is one I can still see in my mind’s eye, though it has been several years since I watched the story.

It is almost enough to make Moffat’s version of Doctor Who seem like another program entirely, an alternate universe’s series, in which might makes right and genocide is fodder for joy and jokes, so long as the “right” groups are the ones on the receiving end of slaughter.


On first viewing TOTD can seem good, but on second viewing you realise how Moffat!Who is lacking the fundamentals of what the entire rest of Doctor Who had: exploring morality. (X)

The entire Zygon plot was incidental. As far as I can tell, they all fucking starved to death in there, because we never saw what happened!

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Moffat’s Who: No one we like ever dies, but commit genocide on people we don’t like and call it a party. So gross. 

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[Boy and his Box] 
“Looks like it’s just you and me again old girl.”

#Oh my bb Nine #After you ended the Time War #flipped the switch reversed the polarity activated the doomsday device #After it was over and your eyes opened and you woke up #you realized that you hadn’t been killed #for some terrible reason you couldn’t begin to understand you’d been spared #even though you didn’t deserve it or want it you’d been spared #How long did you stay like this? #Alone in your TARDIS wondering WHY? #Wondering what you were supposed to do now?#Wondering if it was even possible to be a fraction of the man you’d been before?#Re-examining everything over and over again and never coming to any conclusion except you deserved to die #And then deciding that if you were going to die you’d at least die while saving others #And so you went to your console and laid your hands on your TARDIS and whispered a quiet plea that she would take you where you needed to go #And lo and behold there was a Nestene infestation right in the middle of London #And your hands were swift and sure when they made that explosive device #and everything was going to plan #except a troublesome human in the basement#I have a bit of a Nine situation (via gallifreyburning)




inappropriate amounts of giggling

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Why does this look to me like they’re starting a musical number

put that violin back where it came from or so help me

so help me

so help me

and cut

it’s a work in progress

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I fucked up


I fucked up

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poetryondemand asked: A dude friend demanded I "name one" female superhero who could head her own movie. I gave him a list. He said he hadn't heard of any, so they couldn't be A-listers. I said Captain Marvel, Black Widow, She-Hulk are solo titles. He said they still "couldn't handle" a solo movie. I gave up. (btw he also made several factual errors that, if he'd been a girl, the other dudes would've crucified him for, but they didn't say anything.) What are we supposed to do?









Kill him and eat him in front of the others.  It’s the only way they learn. 

Reminder that Iron Man wasn’t “A-list” before his first movie.

Erm….How was Iron Man not “A-List”? He has several solo titles and is one of the main protagonists in the Avengers…. Iron Man is pretty much the definition of “A-List”

See the bit where I said “Before his movie”. He wasn’t, he really wasn’t, one of the top names before a) Ellis and Granov’s Extremis arc/reboot and b) his first movie. 

Until that point he was moderately successful, within comics, but certainly wasn’t a huge hit, and crucially, very few people outside of comic readers had any idea who he was. 

Reminder that Black Widow had a solo film in production before the first Iron Man movie, and the reason it was cancelled was her gender.

One of my best friends has been an Iron Man fan his whole life, and he was STUNNED when the movie was green-lit, because Iron Man wasn’t A-list.  We MADE these characters A-list, by loving their movies.

In another world, very close to this one, Black Widow is THE name to beat in comic book movies right now.  I want to live there.

Ant-Man is getting his own movie

Daredevil had a movie

Ghost Rider has had 2 movies

Punisher’s had 2 movies (recently, in total he’s had 3)

Blade’s had 3 movies and a TV show

These are all “A-listers”?

I bet you most people had no clue who Blade was before the movies made him a success.

They invented a white dude out of whole cloth in the movie series in Coulson, and now he’s in video games, a live action series, an animated series, and in the comics.

Captain/Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Spider-Woman, Black Widow, etc all have more of a comics history and name recognition than Coulson who didn’t even exist 6 years ago.  People act like who gets a movie is like some sort of sports draft, and they’re being picked by their college/comic accomplishments, rather than these are fictional characters who are popular if there is the will to write them well & promote them.

Can we just bring this back to Kelly Sue’s answer which is downright perfect?







this is your captain speaking, AND THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SHOUTING.

# [louder and more aggressive sounds of intense southern doctorial exasperation]

#excited Russian applause and giggles

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